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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Day of Thinking About Deadlines

Ever since I became a WAHM (work at home mom), I have juggled my time between working online, taking care of my little princess, and taking care of my big boss (hubby). 

I've been doing it for eight months now, and well... I'm still in the process of getting used to it. 

Let me share with you how my usual day goes: 

I wake up late in the morning, around 9am, mostly because I sleep early in the morning already (like 2am). I play with my Keisha, give her a quick bath, and put her to sleep for her morning nap. After that, I prepare food for lunch. 

After having lunch, I go online, check my Facebook and emails, and go on ahead and write. 

I write articles for an expat website, and it's great extra income for a stay at home mom like me. I usually get to finish at least 6 articles in a day. That is, if I was able to manage my time well. 

Around 2pm, if I'm lucky, I can give myself a two-hour nap at the most. I wake up and take care of my baby girl again. And around 5pm, I start preparing dinner. I wrap things up with housework and baby duty around 8pm. I make sure the little one's asleep by this time, to have her get used to a regular sleeping routine. 

Once hubby has left for work, I go back to my writing (and Facebook). 

Through all this really, time management is the key. 

And well, time management is something I'm still learning. Yes, after all this time, I am still IN THE PROCESS of learning it. 

It takes a great deal of discipline and self-control, and I think I am seriously lacking in this, especially the latter. 

That's why I dread deadlines. Although I do work well under pressure, it drains all the energy and sanity in me. Not to mention precious time with my family. 

Hopefully, I get to get the hang of time management very soon, and in the process learn to avoid distractions and FOCUS on the job at hand. 

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