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Monday, August 23, 2010

A Day of Family Togetherness

She makes me feel better, every single time.

Early Sunday morning, I had already felt the onset of a 'sick day'. My throat was itchy, and I was coughing like crazy. But Sunday is Family Day. 

Sunday is the day we go out and enjoy being together. So getting sick on a family day is definitely a no-no. Most of the time, we go to the mall and have lunch there. Whatever we do though, we make sure to have a family day and make it a tradition. 

On some weekends, we go out of town, or do a special activity with Keisha. But the past two weekends had to be relaxed and easy, as Keisha is still recovering from her thigh fracture. So, play places were out of the itinerary. 

This Sunday, we just had lunch at our fave chicken diner, KFC! I absolutely worship their gravy. I can live on just KFC Gravy and rice. :D 

We had the generic bucket meal, although I was so tempted to try out the one with the KFC BBQ rods in it. Maybe next time. We had 8 pieces of juicy, tasty, KFC chicken, rice, soda, and mashed potato, macaroni salad, and buttered corn as side dishes. 

Lunch was absolutely yummy. Keisha waved hi to a couple of pleasantly surprised strangers, and later demanded her own plate of rice and chicken. 

After lunch, we just went to department store of the mall and checked out the latest stuff. I just love the new styles for little girls, and if I had a credit card, I probably would have maxed it out at that moment just with the new potential Keisha outfits. 

BUT... I didn't have a credit card. We actually prefer not having one as me and hubby both believe that paying in cash saves us from worries of piled debt. Hehehe. We already have so many bills to pay as it is. 

Keisha playing with her new toy when we got home
Anyway, we passed by the toy section of the store, and Keisha just wouldn't let go of this toy I handed to her. It was made up of these plastic gears she can rotate. I wasn't able to take a picture of her bawling when her dad tried to take it from her.... :D

But this goes to show that Keisha now has preferences, and she already knows how to make those preferences known. :D

Our trip to the mall was short but sweet. I could see from the smile on Keisha's face just how happy she is with our tradition... she gets so excited every time we put on her 'panlakad' clothes and shoes. 

I wouldn't trade this family togetherness for anything. Precious moments indeed. 

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