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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Day of Getting Back on One's Feet

Sometime two weeks ago, my little girl was involved in an "accident". Her nanny slipped and fell butt-first on the cement floor while carrying her. As a result of the possible impact of it, her inner thigh bone on her left leg suffered an avulsion fracture.

Her x-ray showed a tiny chip on the edge of her inner thigh bone. Seeing that xray really scared me. She was unable to move her left leg for about a week. She winced in pain every time we touch it, and every time she tries to move it.

In the past two weeks, I watched her cry out of her frustration to stand and move. It was heartbreaking.

Not to mention the coughs and colds that also afflicted her a week after she got fractured. Talk about good times. :(

Short of saying, the past two weeks were really difficult for me. Keisha had a fracture, got sick, and I just recently, got sick with the coughs and colds as well. It was really terrible.

Yesterday though, we got magnificent news from Keisha's orthopedic after we had her xrayed again. Her inner thigh bone has now healed, and the chip is gone and replaced with new a new bone. The doctor said we can now let her stand and walk again. Yey! I cannot explain the joy that I felt then, I really missed seeing her walk around the house tirelessly...

She's literally back on her feet now, and mommy just couldn't be happier. :)

Back on her feet now!

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