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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Day of Simple Joys

"It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all." ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

Last, last Sunday, which was... errrr... two weeks ago (hating myself now for late posts) my family went on our usual routine. Heard mass at 9am, family bonding time after. We decided to just have a simple lunch at Mall of Asia, window-shop, and buy some necessities (which are usually Keisha-related). 

It felt great to bring Keisha to MOA again, this time walking like there's no tomorrow, stopping only because she got tired.

We got there really early, around 10:30am, and the mall has just opened. Which means... no stressful queues! Yey! We got good seats inside our restaurant of choice for the day, Savory Restaurant. 

Pancit, Savory Chicken, Fish Fillet in Mushroom and Cheese Sauce, and Turon with Sesame Seeds
We just looove Chinese food, simply because it's always a complete meal. Appetizer, rice, main course, and even dessert... just like we want it. :) Love how it's tasty and nutritious at the same time...

Lunch was amazing. It wasn't anything grand, but it was delicious and filling all the same. However, it wasn't really the great food that made my day. It was to see Keisha walking around so actively again. :) We went to Powerbooks to pass our time. And she was just unstoppable! 

She must have been so fascinated with the shelf after shelf and rows after rows of books that she didn't want to leave. :)

Hopefully, by the time we go back, we'd have enough to take her book shopping. :)

This past Sunday was another simple celebration of a great week that we had. After our very 'eventful' mass (Keisha did the 'deed'...and the restrooms were all closed! :) ), we headed on to every Filipino kid's favorite fastfood...JOLLIBEE! 

I simply love this Pinoy version of McDonald's because it really captures the Filipino tastebuds' preference for savory, tasty food. :) Filipinos love their burgers with sufficient dressing, their spaghetti with heaps of sauce, and their chicken... juicy! :) Oh, I remember good old days of Jollibee treats from my mom and dad...and it feels so good to be able to do it with my Keisha too. :)

 We had such a fulfilling and wonderful time these past two Sundays, despite our lack of a budget to do more fun stuff. :)

And indeed, happiness is a family filled with love, hope, and praise for God... 

Maybe we didn't to get to go that great theme park, or went shopping, or had lunch at posh     restaurants... But our past two simple Sundays made wonderful wonderful weekends nonetheless. :) 


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